Olga Smetanova, President of IAMIC

Oľga Smetanová
President of IAMIC

Dear Participants,

As every year, IAMIC is happy to invite you to its Annual Meeting and Annual Conference that will take place from 8 to 13 November 2013 in Bratislava and Vienna:

Annual Meeting and Melos-Ethos Festival
8-10 November 2013

Annual Conference
11 November 2013

General Assembly
12 November 2013

The IAMIC Annual Meeting and Conference is organised every year by another Music Information Centre in cooperation with IAMIC. It attracts operators in music documentation and promotion, managers, as well as researchers, composers and musicians. This year two countries co-operate – Austria and Slovakia in preparing a very rich programme, which will deal with topic – “Success in music – self-commitment or claim of the Market?”.

The IAMIC business meetings are organised by Music Centre Slovakia where also the Melos-Ethos Festival will take place with IAMIC concerts and numerous other concerts of contemporary music throughout the city. We are very happy to announce that Kaija Saariaho will be among us. As a special guest she will also be talking about the role of Music Information Centres in life of a composer.

The public conference is organised in Vienna by mica – music austria. The conference offers a wide variety of presentations and roundtables lead by renowned speakers around the theme “What factors make music successful?”. It will give new insights in how success can be measured in different musical genres through charts, competitions, etc., the role of digital devices as agents for success, benchmarks for music information centers, what does success mean in the field of arts?, and many other interesting topics will be tackled. The outcomes will help stakeholders to have a clearer view on what success really implies in the field of music and the arts and how it can be attained. A more detailed programme will be available very soon on the conference website.

Both in Bratislava (Slovakia) and Vienna (Austria) the events will coincide with the ISCM World Music Days with many interesting concerts in Vienna and Košice (Slovakia), European Capital of Culture. This gives you opportunity to meet your partners and colleagues at one spot.

You find attached the Programme, Practical Information, and the Agenda of the General Assembly. The separate documents of the Annual Meeting and of the General Assembly will be sent to you two weeks before they will take place.

Fill the form or you can register the more traditional way, by completing and sending back a pdf of the online registration form. All the documents you find by clicking here.
Wishing you a fabulous Annual Meeting and Conference and counting on your presence!

Kind regards,

Oľga Smetanová, President of IAMIC